• Buying British Silence and Support for One Billion Pounds, From Our Money

    The outcome of the secret visit of Crown Prince Salman Al Khalifa to Britain was revealed in one day; a memorandum of Understanding on strategic partnership and investment, the most important of which is the investment of 1 billion pounds, which Bahrain will inject as an investment in exhausted British market.

  • Government Denies 6$ Billion Increase in Oil Revenues

    Sky News revealed new figures on Bahrain's records of a huge increase in oil revenues in 2022, which reports published by Bahrain Mirror have already confirmed.

  • Who Wrote Al-Qattan's Sermon and For What Purpose?

    Sheikh Adnan Al-Qattan, the imam and preacher of Friday prayers at Al-Fateh Mosque and head of the Bahrain Hajj mission, was not known for delivering extremist or sectarian speeches, but his recent sermon took another approach, describing Shiites as people of falsehood.

  • Difference between Rashid bin Abdullah and Itamar Ben-Gvir to Biden's Administration

    Recently, Interior Minister Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa returned from a tour he made to the United States, where he met with Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Stacey Dixon, and participated with her in a panel discussion on security cooperation between the two countries

  • Reasons behind Crown Prince's Decree: US Personnel Compete with Bahrainis, Won't be Treated as Foreigners in Labor Market

    What is the background and purpose behind the decree issued by Crown Prince and Prime Minister Salman bin Hamad, which granted families of US personnel working at the military base in Bahrain and the Fifth Fleet the right to work?

  • Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa: 20 Years of Silly Scenarios

    Bahrain's Interior Minister Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa took office nearly 20 years ago as part of changes the king wanted to curb the influence of his uncle, late Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa.

  • Sectarian Provocation Returns

    Sectarian tension is the permanent trick the authorities in Bahrain use to counter the people's demands for political and economic reform in the country. Popular discontent with the government's acts is increasing, so they need something to cause a distraction from all this.

  • Bahraini Interior Minister from the US Declares Views opposing Regime Policy should be Eradicated

    The Bahraini Minister of Interior participated in an event held by the American D.A.R.E. organization, an organization that provides training for security officers. They had an anti-addiction program called "Together" which then turned into a program for combating violence and addiction.

  • Why Do Authorities Hate Friday Prayer Platform of Diraz Mosque?

    Since its construction in 1983, the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Diraz has been a milestone in Bahrain's modern history, as it was the most important platform for the most important religious and national discourse throughout several stages.

  • Latest News on Promising Gas Exploration: Explorations but No Revenues

    With the House of Representatives' approval of the draft budget law for the next two years, and citizens not experiencing any real livelihood improvements, the authorities in Bahrain returned to their well-known game, by which they sell an illusion, as they made promises of new explorations in the oil and gas sectors.

  • King Approves Budget: Hidden $3 Billion

    The King approved a new draft general budget, which is nothing new. It comprises the same tricks of monopolizing wealth and depriving Bahraini citizens of their natural rights to a decent life.

  • ESCWA Reveals Inequitable Distribution of Wealth: 1 in 13 Bahrainis below Poverty Line

    New figures published by ESCWA (Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia) revealed the significant difference between international estimates of poverty in Bahrain and government estimates.

  • Execution of Sultan and Thamer: We'll only kneel to God

    People of Bahrain woke up to a new tragedy added to the many tragedies of a people who are sacrificing their sons' blood and souls for the sake of freedom and dignity.

  • Fakhro Knows What Ahmed Atiyatullah Stole Enough to Cover Retirees Bonus for 25 Years

    Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council Jamal Fakhro does not lack comprehension of accounting and finance to present proposals to control spending in the country in order to provide budgets aimed at improving the livelihoods of citizens and increase wages and pensions for retirees.

  • Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour's Arrest: A Message to Shiite Sect that Targeting won't Stop

    The news of summoning the Imam of Friday prayer at the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Diraz, Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour (Monday, May 22, 2023), was not something out of the ordinary or a routine procedure. In form and substance, the authorities meant every step in this process, and delivered their message clearly to whom it may concern.

  • Bahrain Worse than Sudan: Public Debt Getting out of Control

    Bahrain's public debt-to-GDP ratio, according to International Monetary Fund figures, reached 124.7%, the highest in the list of Arab countries after Sudan, and this is probably enough to describe the level of risk the country's finances have reached.

  • Why Doesn't Bahrain's King Hold Al Atiyatullah Sons at the Ritz-Carlton?

    Why doesn't the King of Bahrain hold Ahmed Atiyatullah and his brother Salman at the Ritz-Carlton, as Mohammed bin Salman did with princes and wealthy figures years ago? Why doesn't he impose a travel ban on him and prevent his private jet from taking off? Why doesn't he put him under house arrest? Many questions are being raised by everyone in Bahrain over one of the largest semi-public thefts, which the state has, at all levels, ignored.

  • How Corrupt are Your Nephews: Where Did the Stolen 4 Million Go?

    Ahmed Atiyattullah was the executive hand of Khalid bin Ahmed, who allowed him to carry out his hatred towards the Shiite community, and other ambitions for power and money, until he was dismissed finally after the infamous theft of millions angered the king and his sons.

  • How the Curricula in Bahrain Changed Overnight

    The move to change the school curricula in Bahrain may have been brought to a halt, or in fact being reviewed, but it is important to know how it was done, and what arrangements were made between the authorities in Bahrain and the government of the Israeli entity to change the school curricula.

  • A Step Towards Army Leadership, King Promotes Nasser to "Lieutenant General"

    King Hamad issued a decision promoting his son Nasser to lieutenant general, granting him a senior military rank in Bahrain. This only paints a clearer picture, further displaying Nasser's ascension project with his father's support, opening all fields for him to lead the scene in the country to reach the highest positions.