• ISIS Are Among Us: From long-lasting denial to confessing: "We have 100 fighters"

    by Husain Marhoon: The Bahraini authorities continued to adopt an approach based on denying that its citizens joined fighting outside the country alongside extremist organizations or that extremists have a foothold in the local community.

  • ISIS are among us: from Al Joulani advocate to Al Baghdadi’s "3"

    by Husain Marhoon: Until the beginning of 2013, there were no signs of splitting in the lines of the Islamic Jihadi bloc in Bahrain . The two prominent leaders of the bloc were Sheikh Adel Hassan Al Hamad and Turki bin Mubarak Al Binali who together supported and pledged allegiance to the Al Nusra Front, which is considered Al Qaeda’s military hand in the Levant.

  • ISIS Are Among Us: From Puppets in The Hands Of The Government To Rebels Against It (2)

    “Jihadists” Blackmail Turki Al-Binali: You have never said a word against “your oppressor”…Adel Al-Hamd calls for external Jihad yet “with the king”

  • ISIS Are Among Us

    Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Why among us? It is for the reason that this issue is no secret.

  • (1) ISIS Are Among Us: Peculiar Transition in Al-Asala Society Tactics

    by Husain Marhoon: Until August 2013, advertising could still be seen for the “Equipping Invaders” campaign that the Salafi group “Al-Asala” ran. The group, who has close ties with the Bahraini Royal Family, created the campaign with the sole task of equipping militants to join the fighting in Syria, through posters and monthly notifications sent to accounts of “Al-Asala” group leaders. However, starting from the month following September until the end of 2013, it was evident that the campaign managers had changed their tactics.