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“Dry Dock” Prison Puts Off Medical Care for Prisoner Suffering Symptoms Similar to Martyr al-Hayiki’s

2016-08-09 - 10:36 p

Bahrain Mirror: A human rights activist stated that the authorities of Dry Dock Prison were delaying the transfer of a prisoner to the hospital, after he showed symptoms similar to those martyr Hassan al-Hayiki suffered from.

She further noted that right until now, she does not know what his fate will be.

"A prisoner in pre-trial custody was transferred in an ambulance from Dry Dock Prison, where he showed symptoms similar to those Martyr al-Hayiki suffered from, clarifying that he had hand and chest pain, and started sweating," said rights activist, Ibtisam Al-Sayegh.

Al-Sayegh further stressed how detainees are feeling that they are on the brink of death, and each one of them is at risk due to the delay and stalling of medical care.

The torture victim, martyr Hassan al-Hayiki, had suffered from a heart attack, yet the prison administration stalled his transfer to the hospital, until he died as a result of this delay.

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