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Dry Dock Detainees’ Clothes Confiscated with Temperature Fall

2017-02-07 - 5:38 am

Bahrain Mirror: Detainees at the Dry Dock detention center complained Monday (February 6, 2017) that the prison administration confiscated all their clothes, and left only 3 outfits for each detainee. This comes as the weather in Bahrain sees a fall in temperature.

One of the detainees told his family that they are suffering from bitter cold inside the prison, noting that the clothes they have are not enough to keep them warm.

The detainee added that "despite repeated complaints, the prison administration continues to follow these procedures that double the detainees' sufferings". "Since the beginning of the year, the situation in the prison is deteriorating on all levels", he further added.

His family noted that this procedure means that the prison authorities are denying their sons the least of their rights, in light of a complete absence of governmental regulatory institutions, which they dubbed "sham institutions".

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