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Officers al-Shihi & Al-Amadi Limit Access to Cold Water Drinking for Dry Dock Prisoners

2017-07-22 - 6:06 p

Bahrain Mirror: Complaints from Dry Dock prisoners continue to rise as one prison said, "Prison warden Abdullah Rashid al-Shihi increase restrictions, and we are suffering in asking for cold water in this hot summer, since cold water is outside the room where we are locked in."

Prisoners report that "after summer began, and the lack of air conditioning that does not make any difference in overcrowded rooms, a skin disease spread and eyes of many prisoners were swollen. This is due to the hard conditions they live in, most important of which is not having access to sun for over a year."

Dry Dock prisoners in solitary confinement are subjected to many types of torture and sectarian prosecution. They are also prevented from practicing their religious rituals.

According to information, prisoners of conscience continue to suffer from violations in Dry Dock under the supervision of officers. Prisoners confirm that officer Ahmad al-Amadi threatens any prisoner who requests medical care that he would be transferred to solitary confinement and tortures, without anyone hearing him.

"Diseases are spread and medicine is nowhere to be seen. Sun warmth in this warm country became a wish for these prisoners," one prisoner said.

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