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Yemenis Launch Attacks with Drones and Missiles on Targets in Saudi Arabia, including an Aramco Oil Terminal

2022-03-26 - 9:44 p

Bahrain Mirror: Saudi Arabia admitted on Friday (March 25, 2022) to being attacked by Yemeni drones and missiles in a number of areas. The most notable consequence of these strikes was a huge fire at an Aramco station in Jeddah.

The Yemeni armed forces (affiliated with Ansar Allah in Sana'a) officially announced an "operation to break the third siege, targeting Aramco Jizan and Najran in large numbers of drones, and targeting vital and important targets in the areas of Jizan, Dhahran Al-Janub, Abha and Khamis with large number of ballistic missiles."

"The armed forces will carry out more qualitative strikes against objectives bank to break the siege," they said.

The military coalition said that "the Houthi militias carried out 16 hostile attacks, including an operation targeting Aramco's oil distribution plant in Jeddah. A power plant was also hit in the Samtah area."

The coalition stressed that it "controlled a fire in two reservoirs of the oil facility" and reiterated that "Saudi defenses have destroyed two booby-trapped drones launched towards Najran."

It also announced a hostile targeting of National Water Company tanks in Dhahran Al-Janoub.

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