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Police in Jaw Prison Steals Political Prisoner's Money, MoI Doesn't Investigate Complaint

2022-05-19 - 7:25 p

Bahrain Mirror: Political prisoners continue to complain of stealing their money which they use to buy food and phone cards by the prison police, amid Ministry of Interior's failure to protect their rights.

Activists broadcast a recording of prisoner of conscience Mohammed Baqir Adel Adam, explaining how his money was stolen by a policeman.

The prisoner explained that his bank card, which he uses to buy phone cards, was returned to him after 47 dinars were deducted from his bank account on two batches, 40 dinars and then 7 dinars.

The prisoner filed his complaint with the prison administration, but it was neglected. The prison administration did not provide any explanation on the issue. 

Political prisoners suffer ill-treatment by police of different nationalities employed in the Interior Ministry. Prisoners also lodged numerous complaints about being prevented from practicing religious rituals.

Authorities have arrested Mohamed Baqir Adel Adam since 2017 for his political views and peaceful activity. 

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