Editorial: Al-Budai Street is the Target

2022-06-16 - 7:28 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): With regard to normalization, bad intentions prevail over good ones. In politics, it has been said that "the road to hell is furnished with good intentions" as a sign of its cunning and malice. The opening of a normalizing restaurant on Al-Budai Street in Jannusan under the banner of "the 48 Arabs" is one aspect of the malicious cunning policy. 

Why Al-Budai Street in particular? Simply because it is the most important street among the other Bahraini streets that have made moves against normalization agreements.

It is the most significant street that dared to stage protests against these ominous agreements since the first day despite the great risks of crackdowns and arrests, which protest organizers and participants may face. These demonstrations continued to be staged every day and night and continued to mobilize against the dangers and evils of normalization.

Al-Budai Street is exhausted by the severity of the blows it has suffered over the past 10 years since the 2011 crisis. Yes, but it is not dead or submissive. More importantly, it is not fooled by the tricks of people like Abdulnabi Al-Shula and his newspaper with his pale face, which appeared at the embassy ceremony celebrating the anniversary of the "Nakba" and the occupation of Palestine as a "day of Israeli independence".

A businessman holding an Israeli passport comes from the different side of the world to invest not anywhere in Bahrain, not in Manama and its suburbs, not in the artificial islands and new polarizing places, not in the center's markets or in luxurious malls, but specifically in Al-Budai Street.

It is like someone whispered in his ear: you are wanted to be there; particularly in Al-Budai Street and not in any other place.

A man who almost killed us by "sympathy" for his family's attachment to their ancestral land which even obliged him to hold the Israeli citizenship, but once the Abraham agreements were signed, he abandoned his land and decided, with his family, to not only go to Bahrain to invest but also reside in it. After a number of visits, he suddenly found himself fond of the authenticity of Bahrain's people, its Government and leadership, as he said in his first statement.

 A five-line statement shows us what kind of disdain he wants us to believe. 

The Bahraini Society Against Normalization with the Zionist Enemy did a good job when it resolved the issue of this suspicious restaurant, its name, owner's name, place and timing. It considered it a "breakthrough for our society" and an "attempt to mix up the cards" with the aim of "creating gaps in the popular boycott". No one knows the hidden aim of this restaurant. Only God knows what this restaurant is actually tasked to do.

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