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Families of Martyrs Sultan and Thamer Demand Help of Bahraini Gov't to Return their Bodies from Saudi Arabia for Burial

2023-06-02 - 10:36 am

Bahrain Mirror: Families of executed Jaafar Sultan and Sadiq Thamer have called on the Saudi authorities to return the bodies of their sons and give them the right to bury them "in accordance with our beliefs and traditions".

The families said in a statement: "It was a great shock and very harsh to know about the execution of our sons through the media," calling on the government of Bahrain to help return the bodies of the two martyrs, saying: "This is what we look forward to as families for our children to be buried next to us." 

Saudi Arabia executed Sultan and Thamer on Monday, May 29, 2023, over fabricated charges of "terrorism" after they were detained for 8 years, during which they were tortured, ill-treated and deprived of their human rights.

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