Three Years since Bahrain's Normalization: Selling Sovereignty for Nothing

2023-09-25 - 2:35 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Three years have passed since Bahrain normalized its relations with the Israeli entity. This step that has not been popularly accepted in Bahrain for three years, has made clear to the world, beyond any doubt, the wide and large gap between the rulers and the people, as the two sides seem to live in two completely different worlds.

Over the course of three years, the government has signed dozens of agreements unprecedented in the history of countries. Rarely does a month pass by without welcoming an Israeli official in Manama, in a series of moves that are politically incomprehensible.

But what has Bahrain actually gained over the past three years?

With a quick look, one can discover that the security of the country has been fully exposed to the Zionist entity that has a security presence in the island kingdom through the Mossad. This while Bahrain has not benefited from its new relations with the Israelis in obtaining prohibited weapons for the Gulf (which may end Israel's military superiority over its neighbors in the region). Bahrain has not seen an influx of funds from the entity as marketed by some, and contrary to what Bahrain and the UAE have promoted, Israeli intransigence has increased with the Palestinians, and Israel has become more emboldened in carrying out assassinations or raids on Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jenin camp. Meanwhile, the United States has not rewarded Bahrain for its normalization by including it in the Indian Corridor, at least as recently announced.

Bahrain may have gained a few Israeli spyware programs that enable it to hack the phones of opponents and see the peaceful gatherings they intend to hold in front of an embassy here or a UN headquarters there. It perhaps has a system designed to intercept the offensive drones that have become a concern for the whole world, with no solution in sight so far, but certainly in the face of these great achievements, it has also relinquished its remaining sovereignty over its territory.

A few weeks ago, the Israeli Foreign Minister arrived in Manama for the purpose of opening the permanent Israeli embassy headquarters, and on the sidelines, he visited the headquarters of the US Fifth Fleet, as the videos published in the Hebrew media showed. Therefore, the meeting was Israeli-American without the presence of any Bahraini officials. This is how the foreign minister of a foreign country simply met with another foreign military leadership, on Bahraini soil, and perhaps discussed security and military issues, or steps that might be prepared from Bahrain.

Three years after the ill-fated normalization agreement, and Bahrain has only received some media whitewashing for this move; however, they did not achieve any real benefit from this step. Of course, they did not normalize with a so-called powerful Israeli force, but rather normalized with an internally disintegrating Israel, which is suffering its worst political crisis since the establishment of the entity, amid doubts from Israelis about the continuation of the entity and expectations of its collapse.

So why did the royal family normalize? It seems nothing more than a response to desperate pressure from the former US president in an attempt to sell what happened as an achievement that could help him win the 2020 election, but who among us remembers Trump today?

On the Israeli side, officials like to promote normalization as an achievement, which is an undeniable achievement, but exaggerating it is an old Israeli game - Israelis are always good at exaggerating things - and that no longer fools anyone. The minister who boasts of his meetings on the land of Bahrain on this or that side is unable to walk in the streets of Manama without a long and wide security entourage because he knows for sure that he is walking on a land that rejects him and all occupiers.

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