Who is Blamed over Death of Bahraini Soldiers in Jizan?

2023-09-30 - 12:37 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): A few days ago, the Bahrain Defense Force mourned a number of its members after news of a drone attack targeting the headquarters of the Bahraini forces participating in the war on Yemen. The first observation was that the obituary referred to two members of the Defense Force while the photographs showed at least four coffins, which some interpreted as Bahrain's use of mercenaries in its army, who had not yet been granted citizenship.

If this is a small detail, it deserves to be carefully noticed. Moving on now to the second question, what are Bahraini forces doing in late 2023 in Yemen? Isn't it over? Haven't the negotiations progressed? Didn't Saudi Arabia and the UAE withdraw most of their forces? And why does Bahrain continue to keep its forces? Many questions are being raised.

The matter is mainly due to the policy of the ruling family, which has never known wisdom. It is a policy of dependency that kept it out of Qatar's accounts after the end of the boycott, and outside Iran's accounts after the end of the estrangement.  which so far keeps it out of the calculations of Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the negotiations run with Yemen's Ansar Allah movement.

However, that's not the main issue to be brought up here. We have seen it necessary to stop and observe an equally important event, which is some of the local condolences that have been issued.

It is important to recall here that those who declared war on the Yemeni people are the Saudi military with the help of the armies of the UAE and Bahrain, and mercenaries from Sudan and other Arab countries, along with unparalleled US Western support, and that those who suffered and are still suffering from this war are the Yemeni people.

Yemenis didn't attack Bahrain, nor were their problems internal - the moment the decision to wage war was taken in Manama. However, the Bahraini army went there. Official reports indicated that 15 Bahraini F-16s were participating in the campaign, among 170 aircraft taking part in the campaign since the beginning of the war. At the head of the Bahraini force that went to participate in the ground operations on Yemeni soil were the sons of the king himself, Nasser and Khalid, who returned "boasting" and received a promotion for their participation in the killing of the poor Yemeni people.

The result is well known as 377,000 war and famine deaths (2021 figures), 26,191 injured (2015 figures) and 2,305,048 displaced people (2015 figures)

These are the results of the destructive war on the Yemeni people, of which Bahrain was one of the sides taking part without any reason and without consulting its people.

Away from the intentions of mourners, it is enough to recall here that the Bahraini army is an army that is ideologically mobilized against what the alleged "infidelity" of the Shiite community, whose sons are forbidden to join its corps. When it had the chance, it blew up the head of martyr Ahmed Farhan, and shot martyr Bahiya Al-Aradi and unarmed people in the streets. It is the army that asked people at checkpoints, "Are you Sunni or a dog?"

The loss of lives is the responsibility of those who took them to a war, which they have nothing to do with, in compliance with the orders of Riyadh and Abu Dhabi after becoming a country without sovereignty.

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