The King of Bahrain's Dilemma Amidst the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation

2023-10-12 - 1:51 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Just a couple of days ago, the Palestinian resistance executed a surprising operation within Israeli territories, resulting in the deaths of more than 800 Israelis. This marked a profound catastrophe for the entity, reminiscent of the events last seen during the October War, which transpired half a century ago.

Naturally, the operation sent shockwaves through the region, leaving even the Western powers and countries in the process of normalizing relations with Israel, such as Saudi Arabia, reevaluating their calculations. Saudi Arabia was on the brink of normalizing its relations with Israel through American mediation, according to reports from both American and Hebrew media.

However, the most intriguing reactions emerged from the countries that have already embraced normalization, particularly those most eager for it, such as the UAE and Bahrain. Notably, Abdulkhaleq Abdullah, a prominent figure close to the UAE government, voiced support for the Palestinians against the occupying entity. This signified Abu Dhabi's awareness of the significant transformations anticipated after the conclusion of this war. However, the official position of Abu Dhabi is under pressure, and the second statement was a commentary on the events, condemning Hamas operations.

For Bahrain, the confusion stems from the magnitude of their strategic bet. The ruling family had strategically wagered on close relations with the occupying entity, expecting protection in case of an attack. Today, they observe the entity, which was supposed to safeguard them, appealing to the United States for assistance after being unable to confront several thousand resistance fighters trapped in the Gaza Strip for 16 years. This even compelled Washington to deploy its latest and largest aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean in support of Israel.

Most distressing for the king and his family is the looming threat of a potential escalation into a major war, the signs of which manifested in southern Lebanon on Monday, October 9, 2023, and could pose a real existential danger to the entity, with repercussions felt across the entire region.

As the king of Bahrain watches television screens tallying the entity's mounting losses, his emotions are a matter of speculation. However, it's evident that he is consumed by worry and confusion, grappling with the uncertain political decisions that lie ahead.

Over the past three years, Bahrain has signed numerous agreements with the occupying entity, continually advancing normalization efforts. Despite these efforts, they have failed to persuade a single Bahraini citizen of the righteousness of this path, except for a select few who directly benefit from the normalization steps or aspire to attain Bahraini citizenship and other personal advantages. This family is increasingly seen as isolated and detached from its people, with the multitude of agreements impacting the family itself more significantly than the citizens. Their destiny now appears intertwined with that of the occupying entity, a situation that may ultimately be in the best interests of the people.

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