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Hasan Mushaima Suspends his Hunger Strike after Promises to "Resolve Outstanding Issues"

2023-12-01 - 11:01 p

Bahrain Mirror: The head of "Haq" opposition movement, Hasan Mushaima, suspended the hunger strike which he began on Friday, December 1, 2023, after pledges to "resolve outstanding issues" regarding his health and detention conditions.

Ali Mushaima, son of the prisoner of conscience, said in posts on the "X" platform that his father told his family during a phone call about the suspension of the strike after meeting with a prison official, outside his official working hours in the "Jaw" Central Prison", who promised him to resolve the outstanding issues within a specific and clear period. 

Hasan Mushaima told his family that he is "no longer able to remain silent in the face of the policy of harassment and slow death he is being subjected to in isolation at the Kanoo Center for more than two years," stressing that his father "started the hunger strike tonight despite his very serious health condition."

This coincided with a sit-in by family members in front of the Kanoo Center to protest the harassment and medical negligence Hasan Mushaima is being subjected to.

A police officer interrogated the protesters, while security officers filmed them. Then, the officer asked them to go with the police to "Al-Houra" station.

Ali Mushaima held the authorities "fully responsible for the safety of his father," noting that "the restrictions even amounted to preventing him from acquiring personal hygiene tools, such as soap, toothpaste and shampoo."  He stressed that the officer in charge in "Jaw" prison insisted that Hasan Mushaima writes a letter to him about his need for these tools "to look into the matter." Ali Mushaima said that this is a "new way to perpetuate humiliation and systematic harassment."

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