Editorial: Israeli Era in Bahrain, Everything Has Changed

2022-02-15 - 3:25 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Today marks the eleventh anniversary of the eruption of the movement that demanded freedom and democracy in Bahrain, while the regime continues to move toward introducing the country in what can be called "the Israeli Era".

Bahrain, in a unilateral decision made by the ruling family, has become a security and military platform for targeting other countries in the region.

Nothing is left of national sovereignty, as the slogans of Arabism chanted at the Persians are no longer valid, when the occupation [Zionist] entity has been introduced deep into Bahrain's administrative and security system.

The ruling family ventures into everything, puts everything it has in the hands of the occupation entity, and relies on its influence to avoid any Western pressure regarding human rights and political reform issues.

Everything has changed in Bahrain; demographic change has widely spread by way of naturalization and golden residence. Perhaps Bahrain will not be a free and prosperous country in the coming years, but a country whose administration and security are totally in the hands of strangers.

What is happening in Bahrain is a crime. All coasts and islands have changed under the so-called "Economic Reform" plan.

The authorities did not even resort to popular relief, no large releases of prisoners, no security breakthroughs, and sectarian discrimination did not stop but increased, until the Economist magazine held the (new) Prime Minister responsible. 

In the face of all this, the responsibility of all those who believe in change is increased in order to raise their voice to demand real reform and steer the country clear of Israeli projects that will only bring danger and destruction to the country, God forbid.

Who will listen to the regime? Of course, no one will, as it is following the occupation entity and its leaders, who started to flock to Bahrain as if it were one of their colonies.

Everything has changed in Bahrain and this is not good news to Bahrainis.

This is another new year that requires us to raise our voices again and demand, this time, to restore Bahrain from the occupation, which kills women and children in Palestine, and which will not wait so long to kill us as well.

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