More than 30 Lawyers File Complaints to Prosecute Citizen under Pretext of "offending them"

2023-03-23 - 11:41 p

Bahrain Mirror: More than 30 lawyers in the Bahrain Bar Society have filed complaints with the Public Prosecution accusing a citizen of "offending them" on social media outlets.

The head of the Cybercrime Prosecution said that the Public Prosecution received complaints from the Bahrain Bar Society about "publishing and circulating a video clip on social media in which the accused described them with "offensive words that hurt the honor of the profession and affect their consideration."

The head of the "Cybercrime Prosecution" said that the "Public Prosecution" interrogated the accused and confronted him with the clip in question and the accusation against him, and ordered his detention for 7 days "pending investigation." The prosecution referred the accused to the "Third Lower Criminal Court" and set Tuesday, March 2, 2023, as a date for his trial.

The lawyers went to the lower courtrooms on Tuesday to attend the citizen's trial session, led by the society's board of directors, Hassan Ahmed Badiawi, but the court informed him that it had referred the case to the Supreme Judicial Council.

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